Monday, 4 August 2008

Some German & US WW2 equipment

Well, a complete change from the Turkish cavalry, some WW2 equipment again, "because I need it to make up units for various games/units"

So what is there?
  • A German 75mm leIG from Pegasus to add to my early war Germans. A really nice kit, which looks intimidating with lots of small parts, but it assembled relatively easily into a great model. Unusually it has the choice of pneumatic tyres or spoked wheels so I went for the unusual early version. All I have to do now is assemble and paint the crew.
  • An extra M16 half track with the quad .50cal AA, needed for one of the RF Bulge scenarios
  • Two GMC dump trucks for my US engineer battalion

Over on my AWI blog I've added a review of my American forces


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