Deja Vu/Germantown

All my painting is progressing OK, but it feels strange painting the Airfix AWI figures, it must be over 20 years since I last painted some Americans, but it seemed like it was only weeks ago as my memory just switched on with minimal checking of how the figures "should be painted". By that I mean identifying where the dividing line exists between facings, cross belts and coat. My first brigade, a combination of Williams and Hugers brigades from the war in the south is progressing quickly. I'm still debating basing, whether to change over to my new style or whether to flock them like the rest of my AWI collection.

If you like eye candy, here's a link to the Earlswood wargamers battle of Germantown.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...a very nice link! I found this one today as well which had my jaw hovering somewhere near the floor...


Fire at Will said...

Yes, it's a another great site by Roly Hermans, the battle itself is a mix between first and second Saratoga.

Guildford Courthouse is nice too.