Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Teutonic Order - infantry

My infantry represents the main foot component of the order comprising 1/3 spears and 2/3 crossbowmen. The maximum I'm allowed for 6th is 36 figures, so there are plenty of points left for the cavalry. In front of the foot is two wedges of dismounted knights, useful if I end up with bad terrain.
The majority of the figures are from the excellent Livonian knights pack, plus quite a number of crossbowmen from the Revell/Accurate pack

I still have a few light troops (e.g local native militia) to finish, but I'm waiting to find some suitable figures to make up the numbers.


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Fraxinus said...

Great Figures nicely based, I'm most impressed with your output an inspiration to those of us who manage only a few figures a month at least the Teutonic order is easier & quicker to paint than loads of heraldry....may give it a go.