Teutonic Order - cavalry

Now for my latest army the Teutonic Order all based for WRG 6th. This covers the period from 1201 to 1466AD and the forces of the Order outside Outremer up until their subjugation by Poland.

I started with just a single box of Italeri/Zvezda Knights, but gained a lot more last year by trading. The Italeri figures are all knights and although a cooperation with Zvezda they are typical Italeri sculpts. As part of the trade I gained some of the Zvezda Livonian knights and these are far superior and include foot figures as well.

In the picture above are seven wedges of Teutonic/Livonian/Crusader Knights (EHK), backed up by five units of Brother/Crusader Sargents.

On the left two wedges of Livonians, if I hadn't had so many Teutonic Knight figures I would have got more of these

A wedge of Crusader knights - made up of Strelets mounted sargents on the Teutonic knights horses. This enabled me to mount more of the Sargent looking Teutonic Knights onto the Strelets horses.

The Teutonic Knights themselves in four wedges. My originals had been based with snow patches (made of perlite) but it didn't look right and worse when they were deployed on normal green cloth (or a white one).

The flags came from Dansk Figurspilsforenings a very useful site for flags



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Wow - so is it time for a little Alexander Nevsky...?? I remember the Minifgs range when it first came out and was so impressed. I seem to remember I ended up with a lot of the knights as adventurers in my AD&D campaings at the time!

Very nice looking army ... :o))

Chris Harrison said...

An impressive sight with all those wedges! Reminds me of a Norman army that soundly thrashed my Sassanids a few years ago under WRG 6th.

This is a great time for plastics. I've been painting up some Zvezda English 100 Years War Knights and Infantry for a Free Company army I'm building for Field of Glory. The army is composed of a mixture of Zvezda and Accurate figures and is coming on nicely.

I've added your blog to my blog roll at http://www.tablewars.com/

Fire at Will said...

Steve, the Russians will be a bit delayed, I had the Zvezda Russian Knights (their first set) and they're quite small/slender. The new set of Russian Mounted Knights is far better but I'll delay getting any until I see if they bring out some comparable infantry.

Chris, I hope I have the same luck with these as those Normans. I like your site and it provides more inspiration for my HYW English army, which I'm just starting.


Giles said...

Those are stunning - how wonderful they look en masse too.


Andrew said...

Your Teutonic knights look great. The white/black color scheme is very sharp (I guess that's why they picked it!)

What are the "WRG" rules? I've never heard of them before and am having trouble finding info.

(I also added a link to your blog to my own)
I'm delving back into 1/72, so your blogs have been an inspiration! I've been gone for just over a year and now the plastic is all different!

My dad is very into the AWI, so I think he'll be using your free rules.

Fire at Will said...

Thanks for the complement Andrew, the figures on your blog are very good. WRG is Wargames Research Group. After the early pioneers of the hobby they produced the first "professional" rules, much derided now. For Ancients they spanned 7th editions before changing into DBA then DBM. A group still continues with 6th edition and a number of members still play at my club. Therefore I still continue playing it.


Andrew said...


Ah-ha. I see. "Wargames Research Group" came up in my search, but I didn't think that was the name of a rule-set. It's interesting to hear it's still played. It's really quite amazing how many rules are out there. I'm afraid that by the time I finish my first WAB army, those rules will no longer be popular! I suppose that may already be happening with FOG. These are all 3-letter acronyms... interesting. DBA, FOW, etc.

Anonymous said...

Teutonic knights were not permitted to have barded horses, save the Hochmeister on ceremonial occasions. Regards Charles