Thursday, 12 February 2009

Albatross D III

Now running a bit behind on the painting because of eating something that disagreed with me. The upside is I got quite a bit of reading done.

I got tempted by the Albatross D III as it was only £1.99 in the Modelzone sale and since I don't have any aircraft for WW1/RCW yet it was an easy decision.

The version I choose was that piloted by Werner Voss who was credited with 38 kills while using a D III

The only problem with the photos is that they have a strong red bias, it's particularly noticeable on the orange fuselage, which has come out Barbie pink!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice job! I remember painting half a dozen of the Airfix one's during a brief infatuation with WWI arial gaming too long ago to want to remember..... :o)

Andrew said...

Aww. I'm disappointed that it's not really pink! It would be such a good Valentine's Day post, especially with that heart on the fuselage. I have Photoshop on my computer, so if my photo has an unnatural cast I can adjust the color a bit.

Fraxinus said...

Great Model I'm sure Goring would have liked the colours! WW1 dogfighting is good fun many years ago too my Wargaming chum in Swansea devised a mad system of dowling and wooden stands to create the 3D altitude, we used airfix/revell models & some diecast metal jobs with superglued Nuts benath the fusalage to fit the dowling into. Wings of War is a bit more 'refined' thanks for hat askaris advice wont purchase.