Monday, 16 February 2009

Lancia IZM

Something more unusual, the Lancia IZM is a WW1 Italian armoured car that saw service through into WW2 (a bit like the Britis Rolls-Royce Armoured cars) I've painted it up for use with my Italian forces to fight in Ethiopia.

The model is from Ready to Roll, and includes a moulded on base, not what I would have liked but I couldn't face the task of sanding it off and since macadamed roads are rare it shouldn't look to out of place.

An intersting French site showing the IZM in Rhodes and elsewhere up to 1943

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johnpreece said...

Only just noticed this, it looks a nice little model. I did 2 of the Ravenscroft version for the SCW and it was quite a bit of work sticking it all together.

Very nice.