Monday, 2 February 2009

Vapanartak 2009

Had a great day out in York yesterday and managed to get back across the Pennines before the snow. As is often the case I was involved in a demo game with the Lance & Longbow society, this time a Viking v's Picts game using warhammer. There was a slight mix up over the gaming cloth and trees so we ended up rigging up the terrain from what was available.

The vikings (Bob and David) were raiding a pictish village defended by James and myself. Given most of our lack of recent experience with warhammer ancients Steve acting as umpire and rule researcher.

The Vikings on their right successfully stormed across the river and took the village, aided by some bad morale throws by the Picts (they had low morale to start with), meanwhile on the Pictish right the lone unit of naked blue painted fanatics carved their way through all the opposing Vikings. The end came with the Pictish right commanded by James returning to take the Vikings in the flank/rear resulting in them all routing back across the river.
Above shows the position just before the collapse on both sides left flanks. On the right Bob and James on the left Steve and David.

There were quite a few impressive games around, but I never seemed to have enough time to persue them adequately, I'm hoping to get chance to see some of the many photos taken on various people web pages.

It was quiet on the purchasing front. I bought some amphibious jeeps and a Lancia IZM from Colin Rumsford and got a sight of the forthcoming book on the western desert, which was partly used in the big game last year. Next was some 4.2" mortars from Under the Bed/Reiver, one British to add to my MG company and two US to support Derby's rangers in the SOTCW game at Gauntlet. Finally I bought the complete set of Touching History books for £15 and a box of dice (I never seem to have enough for warhammer/FOG, etc).

In addition it was chance to catch up with a lot of contacts, especially with the SOGG guys for a pint and a chat.

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