Friday, 29 May 2009

A&A buildings in Progress

Just for those interested in what I'm up to here is my progress to date on the buildings for the Gauntlet game, I still plan to add a number of others so suggestions are welcomed.
They are all based on a 60mm x 120mm footprint and built with foamcore and the roofing is the Will's Finecast pantile roofing.

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Docsmith said...

Hi Will

These little buildings are really excellent - good old Foamcore - how good is it? As long as you've got a very sharp blade! I admire your prodigious painting and collection of plastic 1/72 - they were my first initiation into the hobby too - which I rejoined about 10 years ago. And they were my first armies - which I've still got. I like your blog BTW and wouldn't mind adding a link to it on mine, if that's OK.