Saturday, 23 May 2009

Latest purchases

I'm trying to catch up,after the holiday.

Just before leaving I received a batch of figures traded with Chris from The Plastic Pelisse who provided me with some useful figures in return for wide selection of figures from various sets for his 20mm figure/metal comparison site. I received:
  • an almost complete pack of Zvezda GNW Russians - yet more for my WSS/1683 Austrians
  • an almost complete pack of Zvezda C17 Austrian Musketeers and Pikemen - I was please to find they were a reasonable match to my Revell TYW figures even though I'll be using them in a separate unit
  • Some more Strelets Confederate generals - I'll be using them for Union as for some reason they still have not produced a Union mounted set yet ( a missed opportunity)
  • The religious group from the Strelets Crimean Russian general Staff - just the sort of eye-candy I need for my Napoleonic Russians

On Thursday I picked up a couple of other items from the local Modelzone

  • an Austin taxi by Oxfod Diecast - I plan to use this as a tender to support my armoured cars
  • the Zvezda Russian noble cavalry - nice figures even if slightly earlier in period than I would have wished, and there were 6 identical retainer figures in the pack, and none in the "Cossack" style uniform (except the standard bearer and musician) perhaps this is linked to their sudden plan to produce Zaporozhian Cossacks shortly.

At long last the E13 release from Hat has arrived in the UK so I need to put an order in. the only problem is that I would like to order the new Pegasus vehicles at the same time (BT7 & BA10) so maybe I should wait until after the big games, etc.

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