Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Hessians arrive

These units provide a really fine show, I'm pleased with the way these have turned out and this completes most of the foot for my Austrian/Imperial army.
I have enough Zvezda figures left to create two more units and these will probably be Hessian Grenadiers (as the uniform is close enough) and a Saxon Regiment (as they were present at the relief of Vienna) From front to back the regiments are Schopping, Erbprinz and Anhalt.

Thanks again to John Cunningham who provided the extra details I needed to complete the figures (I already had the basics from Charles Grant's book "From Pike to Shot"). Inspiration also came from figures shown on the League of Augsberg forum.

The artillery is now underway, but the big question now is how to provide the rest of the cavalry, especially as I've used Zvezda for the foot and they haven't planned to make any suitable cavalry yet.

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littlejohn said...

Nice units and I really like the buildings as well!