WSS Imperial Army Review

Having reached a natural breakpoint having finished my WSS artillery I thought it would be a good idea to review what I've finished so far so I could see what is still needed.

The entire force

looking down the line

A couple of close ups

It's fairly clear what's still needed - cavalry, lots of it and generals. It's a shame that Zvezda doesn't have any plans for Russian cavalry yet. so it will be back to Strelets for more figures, I'll probably get the Narva to Poltava set and it should provide me with some interesting extra figures for vignettes, etc. The downside is that I'll end up with more unused Swedish infantry.


Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks like a very impressive force to me.

-- Jeff

Giles said...

Indeed - a fantastic sight. It's so good when you see the result of months (or years) of effort on one army.

Best wishes


Fire at Will said...

Thanks guys, it has been a fun army to create and there is nothing like a parade or a big game to give the impetus needed to finish the complete army.

Wow Gold said...

Nice blog. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm Michael from Russia (sorry for my bad english))) Your blog is delightful!
Could you describe your conversion of Zvezda Sweedish cavalry into Austrian Cuirassiers? how your made cuirass @ helmets?
it's very interesting for me, becouse i making different conversions of WSS, AWI, Napoleonic etc. soldiers.
Thanks, trully yours, Michael

Soldadets said...

Hi, 'Fire at Will'

Enviable sight, your Imperial army! I've learnt that you're quite fond of 1/72nd scale for your 18th century armies. Maybe you'd like to be acknowledged about the release of a full range of WSS miniatures in that scale: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=1770

They're being produced by a well-known (not so well-reputed, I must admit) Catalan producer, 'Barcelona Universal Models' (BUM). Up to-day, they've released a good number of references: remarkably Austro-Catalan and Two Crowns' infantries, and Hungarian Hussars under Catalan service, as well as cavalry and artillery for both sides (although boxed in separate boxes according to sides, sets are almost identical). They're about to release some original sets else: Catalan Mountain Fusiliers and English infantry...

Best wishes,


Fire at Will said...

Thanks Lluis, I've seen the BUM figures for the WSS and they are very tempting, but they seem to be pitched at diorama builders rather than wargamers. The Austrian hussars are particularly interesting.