Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Just seen that Strelets will produce Jacobites (Scottish Highlanders) in September, I feel an urge to invest already! I'll certainly uild an army I can use for both the 1715 and 1745 rebellions.



Sir William the Aged said...


If you'll visit the Strelets site there are already test shots of the sprues and figures. I feel that they're tests because some of the figures aren't fully filled in and there are some sprues with a lot of flash. Still a good "sneak peek" of 2 highly-useful sets.

Set 1

Set 2


Fire at Will said...

Thanks Sir William, my link was to the same Strelets site, not PSR

Sir William the Aged said...

Sorry Will, should have known you'd be more thorough than PSR and others. I'll remove my slightly soggy foot from my large mouth now and watch that I don't fall into another assumption, it's a long drop!

Bill ;-)

John Mooney said...

I only just found your Blog, thru googling "Jacobite". Although I am a collector of 54mm, these new Jacobite figures are tempting me to make my first 1:72 scale Army.
As having a lifelong interest in Jacobite History and an "adult" toy soldier collection going back over 20 years, it is a constant souce of disappointment that there is nothing on the market for 54mm collectors....the Cherilea Jacobites are really 60mm.
And I must add that I find your Blog interesting and perhaps can inspire me to set up a Blog myself.
Best wishes