Thursday, 23 July 2009

Light Ambulance

Another one in HaTs series of French Napoleonic vehicles, this time the light ambulance, and once again it is moulded in the dreadful soft bendy plastic. Washing the sprue in the dishwasher seems to clean off all the mould release agent, which means that paint and superglue will now adhere to the surface.

Luckily, unlike guns and limbers, this model will not get heavy use so hopefully it should have a reasonable lifespan without rework.

I've always had a soft spot for the French ambulances after reading "The Memoirs of Baron Larrey: Surgeon-in-chief of the Grand Armee" a number of years ago, a good read if you can get it.


Rafael Pardo said...

A great painting job! I love the HäT auxiliary material. You can see the mine and my "sanitary men" at
Best regards

Fire at Will said...

Hi Rafa, yes, the range of Hat auxiliary items is great, I just wish the plastic was better. I see on your site that you gave the driver an infirmiers uniform, whereas in reality the drivers were provided by a train battalion (I think it might have been the 12th)

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