Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm sure it happens to most of us, but while trimming a bit of plastic the knife slipped and ...
Seems to have mucked up my painting for a couple of days, but nothing serious.

It's been nice to see a lot of (still) familiar faces over on Bob Cordery's Wargaming Miscellany blog as he reports on this years COW. Before moving up north I used to attend but then found that with family commitments and the increased distance I couldn't attend anymore. Certainly a tempter to attend again, but I didn't see any comments about the real ale that seemed to run out by mid-Saturday.

The Hessians are progressing well and should be finished within 2/3 days, assuming no more mishaps


Andrew said...

I was working on an inclined drafting table once. The X-acto blade rolled off, fell down, and stuck into my bare foot. The blade stood upright until I lifted my foot in shock. For a few seconds I thought it wad nothing... until the blood gushed out. I still have a tiny scar!

Fire at Will said...

Double Ouch.

This post could easily become painful to read