Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Something old, something new

Recently John Cunningham sent me some samples of his Vintage20Mil wargames figures. I'll review the others later, but these are my old favourites Les Higgins Marlburians. I remember as a teenager helping a friend paint these figures and they are just as I remember, still very crisp, but with some flash. This was the norm at time (design/casting standards have moved on in the last 30 years), but these still are perfect little miniatures. I say little, as regretably, they are smaller than the current 20mm figures from Strelets and Zvezda that I am using for the period.

Above with Strelets Swedish Drabants for scale comparison (L to R)
Cuirassier with tricorn, Cuirassier with helmet, Cuirassier trumpeter, Cuirassier officer, General

Foot with Zvezda figures (L to R)
a couple of musketeers, new generic musketeer figure, new all purpose figure.

Some exciting new items (L to R)
new drummer, new imperial grenadier, new hussar, then two dismounted dragoons one in fur hat.

The hussar is a wonderful piece of sculpting wearing a fur cloak rather than a pelisse and looking far more suitable for the period.

All this leaves me debating what to do. the infantry is clearly to small, but can I find a way of using the cavalry figures, perhaps by using differnt horses?


Sir William the Aged said...


Not sure what horses you could use. These are still (IMHO) some of the very best gaming figures ever made, in any scale. Les was a true talent. You might try getting some of the old Stadden 25mm horses from SSM and see how they fit. You could also try using a small shim under each horse when you base them, but the overall proportions will still be smaller.

Or you could just do complete units of the Higgins figures and mix them in the same army, similar to what DAF and Stokes have done. When the entire army is arrayed on the table, they won't be as noticable. Don't know if you saw the 15mm figure comparison shots I did on the Louis Quatorze blog awhile back, but I used some of these as a point of reference and the "15mm" offered by Lancashire Games are a pretty close match to the Higgins foot in size, if not style. Unfortunately, the Lancashire horses are smaller than the Higgins and wouldn't mix. I looked at the same choice and decided to go 15mm with my LoA and Dutch Wars and reserve my Tricorne efforts to Zvezda and other plastics.


Fire at Will said...

Sir William, yes I do believe the LH are among the best figures ever made, and the best if one takes account of the era when they were produced. The size difference with Zvezda is unfortunately too great to my eye even in separate units.

I'm trying to find a suitable way of using the cavalry, but I suspect that if I base them on larger sized horses then the figure will look even smaller.