Saturday, 18 July 2009

Wodensfeld Miniatures - SYW French

Along with the WSS figures John Cunningham of Vintage20mil sent me some Wodenfeld Miniatures of SYW French infantry. At first I wondered why, but after a couple of days I remembered that the French infantry keep the full coats right through into the SYW. It was quite a collection all well sculpted with lots of variants (something I'm unused to it 20mm)

For comparison here are a few with Revell SYW Austrians and the Zvezda GNW Russians. In general a good fit to either, especially as the drummer is deliberately undersize.

The same is true of the officer, shown here with Revell SYW Austrian dragoons, again a close match.

Always a good check, switching horses

Overall a very tempting set of figures, I'll certainly paint up the mounted officer to see how he works for the WSS

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