Saturday, 18 July 2009

WSS Bavarian and Hessian Artillery

Well, here they are, the first of the new Zvezda Artillery of Peter the Great figures. In this case painted as Hessian and Bavarian gunners of the period.

Hessian Artillery

Bavarian Artillery

I must admit to finding the figures poorer than the normal Zvezda standard. The use of separate arms is usually a good idea as it avoid undercuts, etc. but here the fit is inadequate at times. The figures are also moulded with less detail than usual. The equipment itself is all OK.

Since I was painting Hessian gunners I also painted the Bavarians at the same time. Given the large guns in use at the time I have generally extended the depth of my bases to 60mm (width 45mm), but for the light guns I decided to keep to the square bases but only add two crew instead.

I haven't painted any guns for the Bavarians yet and I haven't checked what colours they used in the period so please comment if you have any information.


Anonymous said...

You have an impressive collection. I'm surprised you don't use "the dip" since you don't highlight. It makes a big difference if you are flat painting troops. But, each man has his preference!

I'm painting a Danish contingent for WSS in 10mm at the moment. It was a hell of a lot of work to get all the uniform detail together.

What, if any, rules are you using? I'm preparing my own at the moment.


Fire at Will said...

neil, yes I have experimented at various times in the past with washes, but never found any I could make that were consistent enough to stick with. I keep intending to try the new washes and sonner or later I'll succumb, although I do use washes where "useful"

Note all my German (late war) and Russian armour is all washed. My aliies are all dry brushed.

My rules are still in development but I've just got a playable draft up today.

ColCampbell50 said...

I like the vignette of the gunners with the powder barrel.


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