Monday, 14 September 2009

It's awfully quiet?

Well not quite, it's the curse of the irregular, non uniformed figures. I've got nearly 100 medievals on the go and I just seem to be adding odd bits of colour to random figures.

In the meantime I've played another French Revolution game (thanks Paul) and the rules are shaping up OK. The only problem was the terrain effects chart that needs more work, hopefully I'll post a draft on esnips soon.

Given the better weather I've been out and about and on Sunday I was cycling through Tatton Park when I was stopped by a column of Union Infantry singing "The battle cry of freedom". There was an ACW reenactment in one area of the park and these guys were marching into the Old Hall area preceded by Berdan's sharpshooters, it certainly made me want to play ACW again.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've always liked the Battle Cry for Freedom . . . which has bot Union and Confederate lyrics and was used by both sides.

"Up, up the Battle Cry of Freedom!"

-- Jeff

cooey2ph said...

"curse of the irregular, non uniformed figures"

My predicament is like "curse of the regular, uniformed figures". Painting the same uniform over and over again is mind numbing...

Fire at Will said...

Almost there, just started the basing!.

Cooey2ph - yes it's strange how I can cope with painting up to 50similar items on regulars, but I struggle with irregulars. Whereas I flick between periods very easily.