Thursday, 1 October 2009

On the workbench - October 09

Since I plan to be away for part of the month I have a slightly less ambitious plan!
  • Firstly to finish all the medieval levy/pikemen, just a couple more colours and I'll be onto basing
  • Then the Hussite wagons, this has been dragging on a bit as I wanted to make the wagons flexible enough to use for both Ancients and Renaissance, the Polish versions also needed a four horse barded team and I couldn't find anything suitable to start with. However I now have a clear plan so they should progress quickly from now on.

Onto the new and a change from Medievals/Irregulars (well almost)

  • Napoleonic Hungarian Insurrection Infantry - using up the HaT Brunswickers
  • Stakes for the Medieval Archers
  • Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr cavalry
  • WSS Hessian Grenadiers
  • WSS Saxon infantry

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