Monday, 2 November 2009

On the Workbench - November 2009

A strange moment, as I have been struggling to decide what to paint next. With 6K figures in the stash, availability isn't a problem, it's motivation or whatever. I had hoped to pick up some more Strelets figures for my WSS armies and some Resin tanks at Fiasco, but neither were available. Looking back at my year plan was not much use as it's virtually complete, except the work currently in progress and the extra WSS cavalry.

After some thought I have decided to finish off the last of my Revell Aztecs from the stash and then rebase them and some additional Conquistadores to be able to play DBA in the new world. I also think the Conquistadores could be used for fighting my Ottomans, Marks Mini Malta Blog gave me the idea.

Also I have to finish off the remnants of last months work
  • GNW Saxon Infantry (almost finished)

  • Nap Hungarian Insurrection Infantry (almost finished)

  • Stakes for my HYW English Army

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