Saturday, 29 May 2010

Palm trees for the Tifaruin game

Quite a simple task, but quite time consuming given that the hardboard (MDF) bases had to be cut then bevel all the edges and finally holes drilled for the trees. The trees themselves are the last of a large batch I bought from Sugarcraft in the US. Basing is just some larger stones from the garden, plus coarse builders sand all fixed down the same as my usual bases.
More on the SOTCW Tifaruin game here


Bluebear Jeff said...

Your palms look great. I did something similar only using foamcore instead of MDF . . . but yours look better than mine.

-- Jeff

Docsmith said...

Hi Will

Very few places do decent palm trees but these look particularly good - and they've come up very well with your basing. Does the manufacturer have a site and/or supply stuff like this outside the US?


Fire at Will said...

Doc, I''ve seen the palm trees on sale at shows in the UK, but I can't remember who sells them.

Buing direct from Sugarcraft in the US is OK, but it's the pack size/postage that's the problem. best if you can find someone else who needs them so you can share the costs.

Monty said...

Like it Will - been looking for some cheap palm trees myself and your basing method is very effective, mate - nice one!


CarloAntonio said...

very nice blog !! Compliments