Thursday, 6 May 2010

WSS Casualties

Having played a few games of Black Powder and in my view the emphasis is definitely on the fun/game aspect and it produces a result reasonably quickly. It has nice touches but history certainly comes second.

I decided that using dice by the units to track casualties was not very appealing. Therefore I created a number of more appropriate real casualty counters that allow me to track up to three casualties with one counter depending on how it is positioned

Luckily there were a lot of surplus artillerymen from the two Zvezda GNW artillery sets and some could be cut flat enough to be used as casualties.


Docsmith said...

I was trying to figure out whether some form of numbering system could be incorporated with the casualty markers - your triangular bases with the numbered corners is a very clever idea that solves that particular problem! Very useful as Black Powder does require quite a few markers! Your markers look excellent too - good use of surplus figures.

Well done and thanks for sharing.


CWT said...

Nice work - I ended up buying some markers with the triangular base (I think it was from 'Koenig Krieg') but your own efforts look brilliant!


Tony said...

Hello Will

I like your casuality idea. A suggestion - you could use small pebbles in the corners, group of 1,2 & 3 instead of the numbers.

Fire at Will said...

Hi Tony, excellent idea, I'll try that with my next batch, I just need to find some small distinctinve pebbles to use.


Trebian said...

Now that's a clever idea. It looks neat & reduces the number of casualties you need to have.

All you have to solve now is how to stop them being separated from the relevant units!