Saturday, 1 May 2010

WW2 German selection

Just finished these by the end of the month.

First off is a Sdkfz 251 with wurfrahmen. This was quite a chore to build and I don't think I'll try matching up metal and plastic at this level of complexity again. The base model is the old Matchbox 1/76 Sdkfz 251 Ausf B like the rest of my early war collection combined with the SHQ wurfrahmen kit. The two were not a perfect fit and I had to make a number of compromises to make this up as a robust model. At one point a part went flying and luckily I managed to find it the next day. Phew!

Next is one of theose Panzer rarities the Neubaufahrzug or "New Construction Vehicle". Only 5 were made, but at least they saw action in Norway when the replaced a light tank company that had sank en-route. This is a Milicast version picked up cheap at South Cheshire Militaire.

Lastly the beginnings of my forces for this summer's big game a pair of Festung Pak 50mm from Brittania. I still need to buy another couple of these.

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