Tuesday, 21 September 2010

ECW Haselrig's Lobsters

Last post of the month, I put in a spurt of effort to complete these before departing on holiday.

I'm obviously showing my age, I lost track of how far through the month I was before posting the workbench post and also how little remained of the month given I would be away for most of the time remaining.

Anyway, I managed to finish the last of my ECW units, this time Haselrigs (or many other spellings) Lobsters, all Warlord figures.

According to the 1737 census of the trained bands there was plenty of cuirassier equipment available, but Haselrig's Lobsters didn't do that well at Roundway Down.

I couldn't find a suitable cornet anywhere but luckily I remembers an old page I had copied from Miniature Warfare so I scanned it and coloured it to look similar to that in the Osprey.

Please use if you find it useful.


Giles said...

Lovely work, Will. It looks as if you can get quite a bit of variety out of the Warlord figures. Great flag, too.

Best wishes


Stryker said...

They look really good! Definately a "must have" unit for any self respecting Royalist!

JLB. said...

They look great ! Fine job on painting.

little keithy said...

Great stuff.
I have been tempted by the variety of 28mm ECW plastic but have two questions.
First, did you find much difference with 20mm or 25mm plastic if so what were they. (Most people I read on 28mm plastic come from metal backgrounds).
Second, 28mm fans point to differences in size between manufacturers similar to 1/72 plastic figure differences (ie ranging from small 28mm to 30mm). I have also been warned by metal manufacturers on occasions when trying to fill holes in my 1/72 plastics that their 25mm are nearly 28mm.
Is different firms plastic 28mm comparable with each other or even Zvezda 30YW (which are 26mm) or some of the later Italeri figures?
Or is it a case of sticking with one manufacturer to keep to scale.
Any sites were visiting about this?
Thanks, always enjoying looking at your work.

Fire at Will said...

Little keithy,

yes they are quite differnet from the normal "20mm" plastics and even the large Zvezda/Italeri versions. I originally planned to use them with my old Minifig 25mm's but they are quite different in both style and size so I have decided to sell of my old metal.

I've not seen enough of the figures in use but I think thy are reasonably compatible with most "modern" 28mm ranges. My opponent is building a Covenantor army with the same figures.


Anonymous said...


The Lobster were not a Royalist unit but a Parliamentarian one