My Ancient Greek army

For those who like army parades, I was inspired by the articles on Rospaks on the Vintage Wargames blog to have another look at my Greeks.

The whole army

The main body of hoplites

Cavalry and peltasts

Archers and Psiloi

More cavalry and peltasts

Another view of the whole army.

It's a lovely army, if I were painting it now I would put more variety into the colours used. It never does well in WRG 6th so it is hardly used for that. I last used it for some hoplite warfare rules from Slingshot about 6 months ago.


Bluebear Jeff said...

While I haven't tried it, I've been tempted to turn my Ancient Greeks into a pair of "Basic Impetus" armies:


The rules are free and from what I've read on TMP, quite popular.

-- Jeff

adeptgamer said...

That is a great parade and a great looking army. I don't have any ancients yet and I was just starting on a Greek vs Persian set. I will in no way have as many figures as you though, that is quite an accomplishment.

Doug said...

They would also work well under DBm(M), the hoplites are a very effective troop type, but vulnerable to their flanks being exposed and turned.

asociacion amigos de la historia said...

Hola soy Juan vivo en España- Malaga
soy coleccionista 1/72 me gustaria conseguir una figura de cada de Rospaks
o puedo cambiar por otras poseo mas de 300.000.Gracias

David Wood said...

A wonderful collection!