Wednesday, 15 September 2010

On the Workbench - September 2010

Another month has wizzed past, but I am making progress on my ECW army. Only Hazelrig's Lobsters to go with the figures I have got. At some date I will need to acquire some artillery (Renegade?) and Dragoons. I'll also try and fit in some holidays this month as well.

So currently in progress
  • Hazelrig's Lobsters
  • "Russian" Court (Yes I hadn't forgotten about these and they are nearly done)
  • Napoleonic French Army Camp (I undercoated these at a point where I had nothing else ready to do)
  • A few WW2 vehicles
  • Plus a few odd command figures.


  • Napoleonic French casualty markers
  • Two long lengths of city wall (nominally for Peking 1900) and a couple of test Legation walls


Docsmith said...

Will - in a month?!? Phew!! Puts old codgers like myself to shame! Love to see the Napoleonic camp too.


Fire at Will said...

Not sure how I rate on the Codger stakes, I forgot I was already halfway through the month and I've still got to fit in the holiday. Hopefully I'll get the Lobsters finished before I go!