Saturday, 8 January 2011

M20's completed at last

Yes after several months the M20's are now finished. The big issue was the MG pulpit that doesn't fit securely against the braces. Eventually I added some thin wire around the front of the pulpit and then fixed it to the uprights. The gaps at either side were then hidden by filling with green stuff. I had the same problem with both models so it was not a one-off moulding fault, however it seems I have the older versions produced by Milicast so others may not suffer the same problem.

In the background is a Ready to Roll M15A1 AA half track with twin 50 cal and a 37mm that I acquired at Warboot and repainted.

I now have to sell my Italeri M20 that I was using as a stopgap. (link)

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Tim Gow said...

Nice work Will. Lucky for me all my M20s are ROCO - no such problems. I do like the look of the M15 - no doubt I'll weaken and buy one at a show.