Monday, 14 March 2011


Had a very enjoyable day out at WMMS apart from some very slow trucks on the A41 on the way there in the morning. Lots of impressive games and each time I left the stand I remembered too late to take my camera and vowed to remember it on the next attempt!!.

Among others I met Ubique a fellow blogger, it's always nice to put a face to a name and he has posted some pictures of the games. Hopefully Alumwell will post some pictures on the club website shortly.

Not a great deal of purchases
  • Matchbox Sdkfz 11 + 75mm + figures from the B&B, that will go into my longer term DAK project.
  • Pegasus WW2 French Infantry - should round off this army nicely (who am I kidding)
  • Plastic Soldier Company WW2 British Infantry - I'll use this to upgrade/replace my existing Matchbox figures.
  • A job lot of Revell Prussian Hussars and Austrian Dragoons - I've got the SYW bug again, and I've only a few left.
  • Riever Pilots - for my MS406 and LA-7 as I can't find the ones I previously bought and I've hunted high and low.

Only managed to sell one of my mate's books on the B&B, what a disappointment, seems I am cursed to having these around the house for a while longer. I also sold four old WW2 British trucks, which I had converted from the Airfix Austin K2 Ambulance and now replaced with the QLTs/QLDs that I painted earlier.

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Ubique said...

Hi Will,

It was nice to meet you and put a face to a name.

Great blog - always an enjoyable read.