Tuesday, 1 November 2011


One of the three ancient cities of Rhodes, Lindos is positioned about half way down the east side of Rhodes and is extremely popular with the tourists so get there early. The acropolis is positioned on a rocky hill overlooking the old town and two good harbours.

We walked there for our first visit, Here's the view from Marmari mountain.
Luckily we had only planned to look at the old town, as the Acropolis was closed by a strike.

The entrance is up a steep staircase
Being an ally of Athens a temple to Athena is no surprise. (The hill on the right is Marmari)
To help me remember here's a description of the fortifications
A view from the seaward side, sharp eyed observers will see the cranes on the site for reconstruction work and also fat tourists being transported by mule up to the entrance staircase.

A great place to visit, but try and avoid the crowds.


Monty said...

The good lady and I have recently returned from our second holiday just down the road from there and booked up for a third next year - love it! ;)

peter said...

Very nice pictures Will! Looks like you had a great time!


Fire at Will said...

Monty, just wait for the third post, you'll probably recognise it.

Batangas City real estate said...

I agree. Those photos are magnificent. And i beginning to love Rhodes now. What a quality time you had there!!