Russian 152mm guns

A slight? change of plan. I had intended to convert the Zvezda 122mm guns into 152mm by using the spare 152mm barrels that came with the PST kit for the 122mm guns that I built years ago. I couldn't quite work out how to fit the barrels into the Zveda kit so I got out the old models to see what was needed. Horror, the barrels on them did not look right either, so I went off to the Henk of Holland site to look up the assembly instructions, and yes I'd mixed up the 152mm and 12mm parts!

The net result was I ripped the old models off their base and extracted the barrels with minor damage then reassembled them as 152mm guns instead. Then a repaint job on the guns and a tidy up and texturing of the bases. Net result two 152mm guns up to my current standard.

And the 122mm's? They are now assembled (very easy) and painted, but the crew will be painted along with the rest of the Russians in the queue.


The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice work, they're lovely.

CLUNY said...

Very good.