Thursday, 31 May 2012

On the workbench - June 2012

Yes I've missed May as I spent too much time travelling/on holiday, but I did manage to catch up somewhat on the painting backlog. It's not long now to Gauntlet but luckily I don't have much to prepare for the game only some paddy fields. I've spent some time sorting out desert stuff so I plan to work on

  • A triad of sdkfz 251s for my DAK forces 251/1, 251/3 and a 251/7
  • Another three Airfix Grants
  • Get started on the Mahdist forces for the Sudan
  • Similarly with my DAK infantry
  • Some extra limbers and caissons for my WSS forces
  • and keep working on the odd vehicles that are still lying around
In the middle of the month is Phalanx, so I've already started ordering stuff to pick up at the show


Counterpane said...


I have a couple of Hasegawa Grants I'm bringing to put on the Bring and Buy at Gauntlet. You interested or are they too big?


Fire at Will said...

Hi Richard, the Hasegawa ones are two big, in fact I've got a couple I picked up my mistake and now have to sell!