Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thanks Beth

It's great having a daughter who reads your blog and then indulges your interests:

  • Alan Moorhead - Desert Trilogy (had been thinking about reading this before the big game)
  • In Rommel's backyard, a memoir of the LRDG by Alastair Timpson (Hopefully some scenarios for my LRDG as well) 
  • The Great Game - on secret service in High Asia by Peter Hopkirk (sounds like a great read)


The Miniatures Man said...

In Rommel's Backyard is a great book about LRDG. Best I've read so far.
Wrote a review here

Joakim/The Miniatures Man

Jiminho said...

I take it your daughter made you a gift of these books? She is a cool daughter!


Brian Carrick said...

I can vouch for The Great Game, it's rivetting stuff! If you like the Flashman novels you'll love this.

Best wishes, Brian

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

The Moorehead book is outstanding, I've read it a few times....