Monday, 21 May 2012

Triples - the purchases

Despite being short handed on the L&L stand I did manage to acquire some "essentials"

  • Three more Airfix Grants from Steve E to complete the number required for the Alam Halfa scenario in "Monty's Battles"
  • A copy of the new "Pike & Shotte" rules, so my ECW figures should get an outing shortly
  • A pair of radio equipped kubelwagens from Skytrex for my DAK units.  I know they are metal, but it's far easier than converting them from a plastic version, and cheaper too.
  • A second hand Airfix Bren carrier kit as I still need another 6pdr.
  • A old Esci French Artillery set - as I use the guns for my SYW forces.
  • The new German Heavy Weapons from Plastic Soldier, just because they look nice and I now plan to use the 81mm mortar teams for my DAK forces.
  • A grab bag of plastic figures off the B&B  (see below)
Of course I would have liked more time to peruse the stands and I'm sure I would have bought more if I had.  I did discover that Javis has changed the colour of its Autumn static grass to a much browner colour.  Now I need to find something else to put on my desert bases.  Also heard that the reason for various Skytrex decals not being available is that the printer they used has shut down.  Grubby/Britannia were also a disappointment as yet again they didn't have what I needed, apparently they are struggling to keep up with demand, so I'll have to pre-order before my next show at Phalanx.

As for the grab bag?  It was full of surprises about 1000 figures in all from all periods except Napoleonic so that has blown my chances of keeping the stash under control.  About half the contents are not of interest so they will go to trade/sale.  The rest are all useable to some degree.  I'm particularly tempted by the Caesar Germans in Winter Gear as I already have similar Russians painted and I was wondering if I'd ever get around to doing the opposition.  The AWI Indians would not be something I would have purchased a second set of, but now I have them I'm tempted to paint them up so I can try the "French & Indian War scenario in Last Argument of Kings" and so it went on as I worked through the bag!


Phil Broeders said...

I wondered what was in the bag! Nice haul, Will.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I rate your opinions on rule, so will be interested to hear what you have to say about Pike and Shot...

Fire at Will said...

Steve, hopefully they won't be that big a shift from Hail Caesar or Black Powder so they should give an enjoyable club game. Whether it gives a good historical feel depends in part on how they balance the special characteristics.