Friday, 29 June 2012

Dervish skirmishers

Although there are a number of odd riflemen scattered through my Dervish warbands the majority have been grouped into four skirmishing units. The figures used are a mix of HaT, Esci and Waterloo 1815, which gives a good variety to the units. To aid recognition I have given each unit a uniform patterns of patches, which fits in with the comments from some sources that they were manufactured to common patterns.

I might have gone a bit over the top on basing when they are in the open as they seem to be transporting their own shrubbery, but given they will normally be deployed in broken ground it'll probably work out OK.

For Uwe, the groundwork is my basic mix of sand/crushed kitty-litter painted coffee and dry-brushed a pale yellow with a bit of autumn grass static grass for contrast.  For these I added chopped up door mat for the long grass and broken cork for larger rocks.


Nick Grant said...

They look great!

Jacksarge said...

Enjoying your Colonials Will, lots of character on those bases too.

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Nice work Will - I like the shrubbery!

cheers WW

Uwe said...

Great groundwork. How have you done it?


Fire at Will said...

Uwe, details added.

Sander said...

great painting Will, it's just that the caps look rather regimented as opposed to irregular troops, but hey no worries! would sure like to see them in action