Sunday, 10 June 2012

My TYW Armies - a review

To play the last game of Pike & Shotte (P&S) I had to combine my Thirty Years war units to get rough equivalents of the units used in the rules. After the game I had to pack quickly, so when I came to tidy them up I decided to lay them all out so I could consider more carefully how I might reorganise them for P&S.

The are nineteen regiments of foot most made up of two pike and two musket bases, and five have double the number of musket bases. For the game I used four bases for pike units and two bases for musket units. This gave a higher proportion of pike than the norm. I'm pondering whether to expand all the units to four musket bases each and rebase the pike on 45mm wide x 60mm deep and adding an additional rank. So my regiments will then have 18 pike and 24 muskets each

The twenty eight cavalry regiments all consisting of four bases. Each base has three figures squashed in, which has always seemed crowded, so I might rebase them two to a base with six bases to a regiment normally deployed in two ranks.

For those wondering why I have so much cavalry, I increased the numbers to reflect the higher proportion of cavalry in the later TYW battles such as Jankow 1645.


Nick said...

Lovely work. Really like the way you've double ranked the infantry.

Phil Broeders said...

Lovely units.

I must get some 30YW stuff going soon.

Uwe said...

a very nice and well painted army. I started for this subject too now as our new project for 2013 will be Rocroi 1643.

Such a cavalry unit looks really impressing!