Monday, 18 June 2012

Phalanx show - part 2

Luckily this time I had time to browse the trade stands and the Bring & Buy, but just in case I pre-ordered from Grubby Tanks and Under the Bed.  I didn't sell much on the B&B, but at least my copy of Kampfgruppe Normandy sold which helped my cash flow.

  •  I was sorely tempted by the French equipment on offer on the Early War Miniatures stand, but I resisted as I'm trying to concentrate on the desert at the moment only buying an AT rifleman in shorts and pullover. 
  • From Warbases I bought a few counters for the Vietnam game and a laser-cut balcony to add to one of my buildings.  They had some sheets of laser cut roof tiles/slates at only £2, which could come in very useful when I next work on some buildings.
  • I trawled around the various stands looking for some static grass to replace the Javis Autumn grass that I had been using until they changed over to a much browner mix.  I eventually bought a couple of bags of a lighter and darker green from Minibits, which hopefully I can mix into the Javis bag I bought to give a close match to the original.
  • Then there was my first 28mm purchase for a while, a box off the B&B containing 36 painted Warlord musketeers/dragoons and a saker.  I had been debating getting the saker for a while, but it was very expensive when bought on its own rather than as part of one of their deals.
  • From Andy Grubb I picked up the 6pdr portees and US Airborne Jeeps and these should both get onto the painting table shortly
  • Similarly from Under the Bed I picked up Reiver Pak38 50mm AT guns and crews, plus Frontline sdkfz 10s for tows.  I also bought a couple of radio trucks for my 51st Highland Division HQ and the Artillery regiment HQ.  In addition some Reiver Italian heads, I'll use these to alter the Waterloo 1815 47mm AT gunners from paratroops into ordinary troops.
  • I bought some white, black and dark grey Coat d'arms paints as my local Modelzone has stopped stocking Humbrol acrylics for some reason, si in future I'll have to make sure I keep sufficient stock in hand.
Overall a great day out, but no wow factor from any of the games, so I had better slog on with my desert stuff!

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