Tuesday, 12 June 2012

WSS Logistics

 Needed some more limbers for my War of Spanish Succession forces I acquired a couple of extra packs of the excellent Zvezda GNW Swedish Artillery.  This provided me with the couple of extra limbers I needed for my Bavarians and a pair of extra caissons, one for my Hessians and the other as a generic type.

I also had a number of light galloper style guns, so I took advantage of the extra limber horses to create some towing elements seen at the back.


Stryker said...

Really nice, I particularly like the smaller horse & handler bases!


Curtis Szmania said...

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Thank you.

-Curtis Szmania
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Springinsfeld said...

Looking very good Will. I often drop in to admire your work and marvel at your output. Before Blogger changed their presentation it was possible to zoom in (or at least double click) and enlarge the images. If you visit your settings page there is an option to turn off the Lightbox which returns the image display to the old format. much better for close viewing of 1/72 figures. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it.