Sunday, 7 October 2012

Derby Day

Back from Derby, it was only a day trip, but I was pleased that the time to the new venue was the same as the old, just on 90 minutes door to door.

I'm not sure about the new venue with the noise from the nearby racetrack, it must have affected some of the competitors concentration. That said the venue seems bigger and reasonably well laid out. My problem was one of remembering where the various traders were situated and I must have missed one or two.

Now for a few games that inspired me a bit

A Spanish city in the Carlist war

War of Spanish Sucession game

Back to Spain, Napoleonic skirmish

A Sudan game, I'm going to have to build a Nile paddle steamer!

The SOTCW Kursk game


  • A pair of Zvezda Russian 76mm Infantry Guns
  • One box each of the new S-Models CV33, Panzer II and Crusader (2 kits per box)
  • The new Plastic Soldier Universal Carriers (I know I have plenty already) 
  • A couple more Crusaders a Stug IV and an Opel Blitz from the B&B (really badly organised, some peoples stuff must have been damaged in the chaos)
  • Some British Para Gunners and a Command pack from Shell Hole Scenics, along with some Airborne 6pdrs and a few figures suitable for my WW2 British desert HQ (I decided it needs upgraded before the big game)

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

"I'm going to have to build a Nile paddle steamer!"

Me too!