Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Alamein big game - Lightfoot Left Flank

This covered the action of the 21st South African and 2nd New Zealand divisions against Miteiriya ridge

Allied infantry move on and the Axis positions are revealed

A nasty surprise awaits, a Lancia 3RO with 90mm gun hides behind the ridge (one of my toys loaned to the Axis)

A view along the ridge from the southern edge.

Allied armour from 10th Armoured Division waits for the northern minefield gap to be cleared. In all three evenly spaced gaps were created, unlike our table where we concentrated on one flank.

Infantry assaults all along the ridge. The minefields were dominantly anti-armour so the infantry could usually cross with problems, just losing the odd casualty.

Infantry still struggling to break through, the engineers can be seen half way through the minefields.

The armour is on its way through, but the Allied infantry has been virtually eliminated.

But too late, the Axis armour (elements of Littorio and 15th panzer) has arrived

The beginnings of a breakout.

More details and pictures on the SOGG forum

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