Monday, 29 October 2012

Fiasco 2012

Another good outing across the Pennines (if I ignore the attempts to divert me back due to road works on the M62)

The Marignano 1515 game that was part of the Lance and Longbow display, I was the Swiss.

The high point of the Swiss advance, I knew it couldn't last hence the camera shake, the French had woken up and the counter attack was looming

Other games that took my interest

Pegasus bridge in 28mm (I must admit is looks better in 20mm)

Another excellent Sicily game from the Barnsley lads (lots of good banter)

hastings in 10mm, quite impressive, but the Saxons got chopped to bits by the end of the game

Legendary Wargames had Bull Run using a version of the old Gilder rules

Plus some Sudan vignettes

3rd Afghan war (must get around to doing something similar)

Vimiero 1808 in 6mm, very impressive! and that's is just the terrain, it really gave a better feel of how it might have been on the ground!

Purchases - not a lot

  • Hat 28mm Moorish infantry - since they are hard plastic and larger sized, I'm going to see how they turn out compared to other 28mm armies at the club, shouldn't be to difficult to paint.
  • A Zvezda 75mm German Infantry Gun, really a lovely model for £2.75
  • A  cheap book on Zulu War battlefields - just to fire me up again and not by Ian Knight so maybe I'll get a different perspective.
  • The Biblical/Classical Army Lists for Hail Caesar, to give me a start in creaing some alternate armies rather than starting from my 6th edition lists.
Managed to sell a bit of the stash, but not enough to make any impression!


James Brewerton said...

You have caught my Dad buying our tickets on your pictures, Was a fun show.
If you want a real view of the Zulu war drop me a mail at exilespaintin at hotmail dot com. I have a real war diary of a RMA Rocketer all transcribed onto word doc you are more than welcome to have a copy.
I love Zulu war just too many periods and not enough storage space at home.....then again the daughter is moving out soon....a plan is hatched
James Brewerton

James Brewerton said...

that would be painting not paintin