Monday, 1 October 2012

Sudan Weekend

In was a gaming weekend at Deeside Defenders so I took my Sudan figures along for an outing. We managed to play three games over the course of the weekend, Firstly a forcing the pass scenario, which the Imperialists managed reasonably easily. But I forgot to take any pictures. 1-0 to the British.

Next a march to the river with a similar sized Mahdist force trying to cut them off

Imperials arriving top left with the Mahdists quickly taking a blocking position. An Egyptian fortified outpost is just off picture to the bottom right.

Stalemate in the centre of the table. The Mahdist camelry and cavalry have taken up a strong blocking position, which they failed to shift from until late in the game (poor command rolls. However they blocked the Imperialists from supporting the outpost, which was overwhelmed by the Dervishes.
By close of play the British were forcing their way towards to Outpost, but not enough to prevent a Mahdist win. 1-1.

Sunday dawned and the British surveyed the Mahdist occupied city, taking it would be a challenge. A couple of breaches had been made and the only other possible point of attack was the main gate.

Isn't it always the case that if you need a certain size fortification then you never have enough parts! A few buildings were pressed into use as part of the walls, hence the windows. The gate remained a barrier for the whole game despite a severe battering my the British artillery. The Mahdist commander just calmly organised repairs when needed..

Plenty of Ansar massing in the back streets. Moments before the Indians had stormed into the breaches and despite initial success were completely wiped out. A quarter of the Imperial infantry lost at a stroke.

Adopting a stiff upper lip the British commander mustered his men for another assault and the quantity of fire drove many of the Ansar form the ramparts (or were they getting bored sniping at the British?)

As the light began to fade the British assembled three assault columns before the breaches, but to their great surprise a howling mass of Dervishes appeared from the breaches in a counter attack.

As the sun set the melees were finely balance, with both sides having lost one unit. But the British hadn't achieve their draw condition of a single unbroken unit inside the city.

Overall a Mahdist victory 2-1

An excellent weekend's gaming with Ian, Martin and Steve. Rules were Black Powder and the scenarios were from the BP Yahoo Group. The stats for the units still need some tweaking and the mix of forces in the scenarios need a bit of adjustment to give a better balance.

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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I would love to have played - lovely terrain for the fort - and a clever idea to link the 3 scenario's...

PS. What if the Dervish hadn't managed to take the fort/town in the second game?? :o))