Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Jacobites completed !!!

After what has been a long haul, I've finally finished my Jacobite Highlanders. There are six clan regiments all armed with hand to hand weapons so they can be used for the widest period possible, and a couple of musket armed skirmishers. The later can either be used, as depicted in some prints, ahead of the Jacobite battle line or mixed in with the clan regiments to depict later clan regiments

Sharp eyed observers may spot a few posts scattered amongst the units, these are actually tubes that can take additional flags so I can double up the number of units depending on the rule system I am using.

Although the figures are from Strelets, the standard of sculpting and moulding is more like Mars, so I spent quite a while cleaning up the figures, but I was not completely successful.

I've still got the commanders and casualties to paint, but i won't have finished now that Redbox is bringing out some addition figures so I expected to add some lowland units in due course.


Sean said...

I don't see any mould lines at all. I also like the idea of the posts for adding banners. Looks like they were fun to paint.

Brian Carrick said...

Nice work Will, and the tubes for extra standards is a great idea. I'm about to start a Jacobite wargame project in 54mm, can I ask what uniform sources you used for the Regiments?

Best wishes, Brian

Fire at Will said...

Brian see separate blog entry for references