Tuesday, 12 March 2013

WMMS - a good day out

An easy drive down to Wolverhampton for the WMMS show on Sunday, quite a number pf interesting games on show, so here are my pics

AWI game

Operation Caravan - SAS at Barce 1942

Society of Ancients Bosworth game - now with 54mm figures

ACW - first day at Gettysburg

Bolt Action

Spanish Civil War

Sherrifmuir - more inspiration for my Jacobites (now in the final stages of painting!)

Napoleonic Skirmish

Another ACW game

And another AWI game

I have to admit a strong bias in favour of this game as I discovered they were using my AWI rules

Battlegroup Overlord


Ubique Matt said...

Lovely photos, friends and myself had a good day out at the show. We had a very interesting chat with the chap manning with the Society of Ancients Bosworth game, about the location of the field. It's always worth stopping and talking to the people at the stands.


Fire at Will said...

Matt, Phil Steele is a mine of knowledge on the battle, Unfortunately when I played it previously I had a bad day losing Henry Tudor. In the first game at the show history was re-enacted when Stanley charged into the rear of Richard III's element with the inevitable result

Keith Flint said...

Would have liked to be there - maybe next year. The AWI table by the group using your rules was my favourite - that's how a wargames table should look.

Couldn't believe the junk the players had piled on the Sherrifmuir table - just loved the orange carrier bag! I think organisers should recognise the importance of side tables for putting stuff on, or participating gamers should insist on them.

Thanks for posting, cheers, Keith.

Fire at Will said...

Keith, I'll probably be there next year and probably helping out on Dave Lanchester books, so say Hi if you are passing.