Monday, 18 March 2013

Refight of Lutzen 1813

It was a gaming weekend at Deeside Defenders and an opportunity for a big Napoleonic game using Black Powder, so the first of the 1813 battles was on. Unfortunately we only had one day to play it, but got quite a way though the battle before calling it a day. The orbats were broadly based upon those used by the SESWC in their refight documented over on the Blenheim to Berlon blog.

I'll be adding more captions though the day

All is quiet as the Prussian forces arrive

Souham's division deployed around the quadrangle of villages (GrossGorchen, Rahna, Caja and Klein Gorschen)

Blucher's Corps advance on the villages, while cossacks threaten Girard's Division in Starseidel.

By 1:00pm the first Prussian assault on GrossGorschen has been repelled and the Prussians are fully deployed on the table.

The Prussian cavalry scored one success though, eliminating the only French cavalry on the table, Kellerman's brigade.

One lone Prussian Battalion still fighting on, taking villages is tough with Black Powder and some bad morale rolls by the Prussians didn't help.

By 2:00pm Yorck's corps is deployed on table and is advancing on Breniers Division in the gap between Starseidel and the quadrangle. Dorff and Steinmetx's cavalry cover the advance. The Coaascks still have Girard bottled up around Strseidel. In the distance more French can be seen arriving

Blucher reforms his corps ready for a renewed assault. The loss of Von Klux's brigade in the first assault has reduced their numbers

The French reinforcements arriving, Ricard on the left and Compans from VI Corps on the right, Napoleon would shortly arrived and try and get a grip on the situation.

Yorck's corps advancing

The defenders of Starseidel, Girard's division, composed of Marie Louises (like the rest of III corps)

Brenier and Ricard's divisions

Napoleon surveys the table, the appearance of more allied forces on table especially cavalry is not to his liking. But half the Guard Cavalry has arrived, the other half took a detour.

The cossacks have a problem, a battery flanking them and Imperial Guard cavalry to their front.

Dorff's cavalry force the French into square

Blucher closes in on Gross Gorschen.

By 3:00pm more Russian infantry is on table, Berg's corps heading towards Starseidel

Guard cavalry massed north of Starseidel

Having driven off Dorff's cavalry, Grenier's infantry reform into columns.
A second assault on Gross Gorschen having failed, Blucher's men reform.

After a brave attempt by Russian cavalry to inflict losses on the Horse Grenadiers, it's now up to Steinmetz's hussars to administer the killing blow while they are vulnerable.

Morand's division (IV corps) appears in the Russian flank

Heavy fighting along the line. Napoleon has occupied a suitable vantage point.

While Blucher concentrates on Gross Gorschen, Berg's Russian corps takes on Rahna

4:00pm the Russian Grenadier divisions arrive (I had to use my Brunswicks as I was short of Russians)

Blucher has taken Gross Gorschen at last! and Berg would shortly take Rahna.

Seemed to have missed the closing events somehow. But the memorable one was the Guard Horse Grenadiers beating off two regiments of Hussars. We called it a day at the point where Souham's division in the villages had collapsed, however the Imperial Guard Infantry was arriving on the table.


Stokie Steve said...

Great looking game Will!

Rick said...

Super looking game Will, if I hadn't already arranged to put the American army in its place I would definitely have offered my services, most probably to the French! If your playing a similar game in the future let me know and if I'm free I'll happily join in.

James Fisher, FINS said...

A beaut report of a great looking game Will! You got a long way in just one day.

Seems that it went fairly close to the history too (thanks to a well designed scenario no doubt) with the allies not bringing their numbers to bear early and the French reinforcements arriving to stabilise the situation. Do you think the guard were going to breakthrough?

We are planning our own game based on Lützen around the bicentennial and I am posting links to games from all of the Napoleonic bicentennial years on a dedicated blog ( I have taken the liberty of posting a link to your report there. I trust you won't mind.

Phil said...

Very nice report and great pictures!

Rafael Pardo said...

A great battle!
I fought it in 2003 but it was an Allied victory. The Prussians taken the quadrilateral, and although the French Guard routed the Russians, the Allied reinforcements arrived so Napoleon conceded the day.
The AAR is on

Fire at Will said...

Rick - no problem, I'll probably refight Bautzen at the next weekend

James - no problem sharing

Rafa - I read your blog account before we played the game, thanks.

Julian Roche said...

Looked splendid - must have been great fun to fight. And extremely useful to pore over prior to the ANF's version of the same battle next month, so many thanks for that. I've never fought with Black Powder but I know it does enable a major battle in a day - and seemed realistic. ANF uses Shako as you know - but if we don't finish we just leave it for another day!