Monday, 2 September 2013

A couple of Napoleonic Generals

A couple of Generals just to finish off the September painting. On the left a rather generic Russian General for my Guards brigade, using a HaT Spanish officer. On the right General Founier-Sarloveze, not one of the nicest characters of the Napoleonic wars and was depicted in the film the Duellists. The figure is an ADC from the Zvezda French HQ set.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Both lovely figures, but that hussar officer is simply stunning!

Best Regards,


Robert Hingley said...

Very nice, especially the Russian general. I sprayed about 120 Russian Infantry yesterday with their base coat. I need motivation.

Rafael Pardo said...

I love the French hussar general and his nice leopard skin saddle cover!

Stryker said...

Very nice!