Thursday, 22 May 2014

Early War German Transport

I'm now being back down south after a trip home over the weekend and the only things I managed to complete were a couple of Krupp Boxer trucks, which added to my existing trucks will provide transport for a RF Shutzen battalion. I had earlier painted some Hat Tank riders to crew the open-backed model from Eidai.

I also managed to find some Crew for my desert Priests. Thanks to Charles who suggested the Airfix Commando figures, I had forgotten that I had some in my for sale box, as I had never entered them in my inventory.

The commandos have also been cut up to provide crews for my Bren Carriers, which were making slow progress.


Phil said...

Nice looking vehicles, love the Bren Carriers..

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Love those Krupp-Potze Boxer trucks. Wish PSC would bring them out in a multi-box! I enjoy your blog. I have nominated you for an Liebster award. It helps promote wargaming and modeling blogs: