Sunday, 18 May 2014

Triples 2014

After a gruelling slog through the traffic on the M5 and M6 I got home late on Thursday. One day of family jobs meant I could escape to Triples to join the Lance & Longbow Society for the Battle of Baugé 1421. I took the part of Thomas Duke of Clarence with a dispersed English force atacking the combined French/Scots army.

Initial positions with French (left) and Scottish (right) reinforcements entering the table. The rest of the Scots are around Baugé.

English forces marching up the road, Clarence was impetuous, so I was worried that he would attack the Scottish schiltrons, but luckily throughout the entire game he remained calm and collected.

A plan comes together, leaving the Scots to the archers, I lead the English cavalry in a successful attack on the isolated French command of la Fayette (partly thenks to some skillful dice rolling by Andrew's son Charlie who was passing by)

Closing position with a conclusive victory, the Scots are bottled up in Baugé after an anxious moment when one of my archer units was stomped over by a Scottish schiltron.

Other games that caught my eye

The battle of Zorndorf by the Ilkley lads, lots of eye candy

First St Albans

French & Indian wars, very nice terrain

ACW game using Longstreet rules

Indian Mutiny

Almanza - very impressive collection, but just seemed to be a line them up game and the castle on the hill looks odd.


Sander said...

Great report, thanks for posting!

Phil said...

Great photos Will.
Nice to see "wargame amateur" making an appearance... Probably rolling low on the dice.
The Almansa game looks impressive in particular.

Monty said...

Some very nice pictures and a great report. Thanks for sharing it.