Monday, 23 June 2014

Big game D Day+6 - the other tables

Some pictures of the other tables, I can't give any comments as I wasn't involved on those tables. I've tried to group the pictures by the relevant table

Tables 1&2 North of Caen, 3rd Division v'e 21st panzer and 3rd Canadian v's 12th SS

Tables 5&6 St Lo/Carentan, 29th US Infantry v's 352nd Division and 2nd US Armoured v's 17th SS

Table 7 West of Carentan 101st US Airborne v's 6th FJ

Table 8 West of the Douve 82nd US Airborne v's 91st Airlanding

Overview of the entire game

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João Peixoto said...

It must have been great! And nice pics too!