On the workbench - July 2014

Back in Bath so progress is still lagging, the one upside is that I can get to Bovington for Battlegroup South on Saturday. My main activity, when I get time is assembling kits. The list doesn't look much different from last month:
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLD
  • 2 x British Desert Bedford QLT
  • 3 x German DAK Panzer III plus a Befehlspanzer III (will give me enough armour for the Alam Halfa scenario)
  • 3 x German DAK Sdkfz 251/1, a Sdkfz 251/10 and Sdkfz 251/2 so I can represent either a panzer grenadier company at reduced scale or the 10th Panzer in Tunisia - almost completed the assembly, but I need to fix a couple of tracks and find a 37mm for the 251/10
  • 1 x Tiger I, an early version by Fujimi that will do nicely for Tunisia
  • 2 x German DAK Panzer II

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