Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bovvy Booty

Despite my best endeavours, I still came away with a small pile of booty
From front to back, mostly picked up from the B&B or Battlegroup South charity stand.
  • Military vehicles in detail books for the M3 and Sdkfz 250 half tracks, useful pictures and diagrams for building variants on the standard models
  • Left more stowage from Sgts Mess - always useful
  • centre a trio of Matchbox sdkfz 251's - the one I am working on seem to have rather fragile tracks so some spares might be needed.
  • A sdkfz 250 - will probably be reworked as a DAK OP vehicle
  • Right more bits from SHQ tables and chairs and German and US staff - this should allow be to create some extra staff stands
  • Second row of assembled vehicles Armourfast M4A3 with 76mm -hopefully these will blend in with my Italeri versions
  • A couple of Gaz/Zis trucks - I'm in two minds how to use them, either as Civilian vehicles or as a Winter version.
  • Another truck with a Katyusha - A number of scenarios need a couple and I've only got one
  • More Armourfast Shermans, this time with 105mm guns - as above hopefully they will match with my Italeri versions
  • Finally some Valiant figures, they may be oversized, but they come with a reasonable array of weapons and will be used to modify the Plastic Soldier US infantry, especially as they are short of bazookas.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Excellent hall, sir. Bovvy brilliant place for a w/e. I don't think you'll have problems with stuff fitting in. I mix and match from the same sources too.

Michael Mills said...

Will, you might want to enter our current giveaway as you could add to your haul. http://canisterandgrape.blogspot.com.au/